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As many of you know, I've been writing (and in some cases ranting) about the state of online advertising for the past three years. In my estimation, the banner-ad format is the biggest mistake we've ever made as an industry. We've crippled the most powerful medium for advertising ever by relegating it to a three-inch strip of real estate that the world has learned to ignore. We're making people watch a 32-inch HDTV with surround sound while wearing dirty glasses and earmuffs.

It is so frustrating, I can't take it anymore! As an industry we need to break the logjam and move forward.

As such, on June 26th I'll be hosting Silicon Alley Reporter's first Online Advertising Summit. This 50-person event will draw the world's most influential advertising, technology, and publishing executives to see and discuss eight next-generation advertising solutions and how we, as an industry, can move forward.

I'm looking to draw equally from three types of people for this event:

1. Online advertising buyers and brand managers who are trying to leverage online advertising (come to think of it, I'd even like to have some brand managers who are not yet embracing the Internet for advertising)
2. Advertising technology firms that are developing technologies that move beyond the banner.
3. Traditional and online-only publishers that are attacking the space
The Online Advertising Summit will take place at the epic, yet intimate, Hudson Hotel in New York City. To request an invitation please visit www.onlineadvertisingsummit.com/tickets.html. Please note, we are limiting this event to 50 attendees, and only 15 of those tickets will be available to the public.

The format of the event will be pretty straightforward: In the morning, four senior executives will demonstrate an innovative online advertising campaign using some cutting-edge technology, and then we will break into three to discuss the technology and techniques. After lunch, we will look at another round of four technologies, and then break into a final session of PODS. At the end of the event, attendees will vote one of the eight segments the Best In Show.

My goal in all of this is to push the agenda forward. If you are interested in demonstrating your advertising technology or a uniquely effective and groundbreaking campaign at the event, please e-mail a short description of the project with links to examples and demos (please no attachments) to admin@onlineadvertisingsummit.com.

If you are interested in attending please request a ticket.
Best Regards,

John Pryor